(Overview in a nutshell)

by: G.A. Jackson

Book I - Random Access.

This is an introduction to Stanley Random, a librarian travelling on an endless voyage through space called the "migration". He is part of a space city that has a very controlled society. In his research through the computer libraries, he has discovered a number of amazing things, which allows him to become Stan Random - adventurer, hero, and explorer of the universe. Ultimately, Stan hopes to find the true purpose of the migration, and consequently reconfigure the operation of the society to allow freedom of choice. What he really does is subconsciously look for the meaning of life.

Book II - Random Generation.

In his continuing adventures, Stan becomes a rebel outlaw of his society, whose authorities do not want any changes to occur. His life rejuvination process is permanently erased from the master computer center, which makes every step more precarious. In his efforts to stay alive and not get caught, he encounters several people and events which eventually lead him to discover the answers to all his questions.

Book III - Random Events.

Stanley now sets out to accomplish his original purpose only with a renewed point of view. He turns himself in, expecting termination, but instead finds friends in high places. With their help he is able to reveal all that he has learned. This information totally disrupts society, resulting in civil war. However, Stan again plays hero, and brings it to an end just barely preventing the entire city from being destroyed. The story ends as everyone must make a decision to disembark with Stan on a "new earth", or continue on forever with space city.

copyright 1996, Random Novels, Inc.

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