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Hometowns of Washington County, NY


formerly known as Union Village

originally incorporated in 1809 as Whipple City

Dr. Hiram Corliss house

Built by Dr. Hiram Corliss, whose son George invented the Corliss steam engine, this home was an important link in the "Underground Railroad." There was a tunnel from the house to the Battenkill River. (torn down)

White Swan Hotel - 4 died when it burned

Selected Tombstone Inscriptions from the Greenwich Cemetery

Cemetery Records

Map of Galesville - 1865

Map of East Greenwich

White Creek

Center White Creek Baptist Church Gravestone of Ira Langworthy
This is the Center White Creek Baptist Church, located at Waites Corners. The gravestone is in the old Waite Cemetery across the street from the church. It is that of Ira Langworthy, who died in 1839.


Original Commission of Capt. Edmund Wells, issued March 27, 1758 by Gov. Thomas Fitch of Connecticutt.

Fort Ann

Map of Griswold Mills, first settled by Ephraim Griswold in the 1790's.

Other Towns - to be added

Argyle, Dresden, Easton, Fort Edward, Granville, Hampton, Hartford, Hebron, Jackson, Kingsbury, Putnam, Salem, Whitehall

Washington County Map of the 17 towns

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