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Listed below are some of the more interesting tombstone inscriptions in the Greenwich Cemetery. They are listed alphabetically, by married name. In the future, there will be an alphabetic index to make it easier to look at. If you would like to request an inscription which is in the cemetery, but not listed here, please click here to go to the request page.

Tombstone Inscriptions in Greenwich, NY Cemetery




John H. Adams

Son of Hosea and Elizabeth Adams

Died Oct. 30, 1834

Aged 15 years, 5 months and 15 days


Malinda, wife of Clarke Adams

Died Oct. 12, 1843, aged 42


Mary E. Adams, 1840-1848


Asa Andrews, Jr.

Born 1785, died at Arlington, VA,

April 27, 1872, age 42


Harvey W., son of Daniel and Almira Anthony

Died Sept. 5, 1843, aged 15 years


Sacred to the Memory of Uncle Harry

Henry D. Babcock

Died April 15, 1867

Aged 65 years, 2 mos., 7 days


Augustus M. Babcock

Died Dec. 4, 1876

Age 64 years


Charlotte A. Phillips


Died Dec. 7, 1896

Age 70 years


Laura wife of Samuel Babcock

Died __ __ 1877

Aged 69 years


Samuel Babcock

Died Sept. 1, 1870

Aged 64 years


LeRoy H. Babcock

born Jan 25, 1838

died Aug 15, 1863


Asa Bailey

Died Dec. 18, 1850, age 66 years


Ann, wife of Gilbert Bailey

And daughter of John and Elizabeth Ward

Died March 23, 1843, in her 28th year


Sarah Ann

Daughter of Lyman and Amanda Barber

Died Aug. 15, 1838



Son of Benjamin and Delia Barber

Died July 30, 1850

In the 24th year of his age


In memory of Adelia

Daughter of Benjamin and Deliah Barber

Who died Jan. 17, 1830

Aged 1 year, 7 months, 12 days

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.


Rev. Edward Barber

Born in Exeter, R.I., Sept. 23, 1768. Ordained

pastor of the Bottskill Baptist church Sept. 25, 1794.

He fell asleep in Christ July 1, 1834.

A good man, a wise counsellor,

A sound preacher, a faithful pastor,

He rests from his labors, and his works follow him.


Mrs. Nellie Barber

Born in Canterbury, Conn., July 11, 1779.

Died July 31, 1858.

A faithful helper in the Lord.


Caroline Amelia

Daughter of Peter L. and Mary A. Barber

Died Aug. 3, 1847, aged 2 years.


Betsey M., wife of John H. Barnard

Died March 26, 1848, aged 35 years.


Abbey E. Barnard

Wife of John Barnard

Died Sept. 14, 1834, aged 45 years, 6 months, 17 days.


Eunice Barnard

Wife of John Barnard

Died Oct. 2, 1838, aged 56 years.


Almira Gregory

Infant daughter of John and Abbey Barnard

Died July 27, 1833, aged 15 months.


William Barnett

Died May 9, 1854, aged 27 years.

Oh when I'm sleeping in my grave

And o'er my head the rank weeds wave

May he who life and spirit gave

Unite my love and me.


In memory of George

Son of Horace and Sophia Bennett

Died March 7, 1831, aged 20 months.


Ann Maria

Daughter of Horace and Sophia Bennett

Departed this life June 25, 1848

Aged 5 years, 11 months, and 20 days.


Edward, Son of Horace and Sophia Bennett

Died June 16, 1843, aged 5 years, 1 month, 10 days.


Sarah Ann, Daughter of Horace and Sophia Bennett

Died April 3, 1841, aged 10 years, 1 month, 16 days.


Harriet, wife of P.T. Bentley

Born Jan. 29, 1802. Died Sept. 14, 1947.


Pardon T. Bentley

Born Aug. 7, 1798. Died Aug. 8, 1838.


Conrad Blanchard

Born April 15, 1795. Died Sept. 7, 1840.


In memory of Chloe Blawis

Wife of Peter Blawis, who died June 24th, 1822

Aged 30 years, 9 months, 11 days.

God my redeemer lives

And often from the skies

Looks down and watches all my dust

Till he shall bid it rise.


Amy, wife of Peter Blawis

Died March 23, 1846, in the 50th year of her age.


Peter Blawis

Died Aug. 4, 1848

Aged 61 years, 7 months, 10 days.


Eugene, son of H. and E.C. Briggs

Died April 29, 1846, aged 8 months.


William Bryant

Died June 4, 1849, in the 53rd year of his age.


Hannah, wife of Orson Buel

Died Feb. 26, 1848, aged 35 years, 1 month, 13 days.


In memory of Rodney Buel

Who died June 11, 1834, in the 34th year of his age.

Friends nor physicians could not save

My mortal body from the grave,

Nor can the grave confine me here

When Christ my Saviour shall appear.


Julia E., daughter of Rodney and Hannah Buel

Died at Cumberland, Md., Jan. 5, 1849,

in the 17th year of her age.

I would not live away, no, welcome the tomb

Since Jesus has lain there, I dread not its gloom,

Then sweet be my rest till he bid me arise,

To hail him in triumph descending the skies.


Mary, wife of Mordicai Bull

Died Nov. 13, 1850, aged 77.


Eliza Jane, wife of William Burke

Died Aug. 24, 1842

Aged 26 years, 8 months, 14 days.

Thus fades our sweetest comforts here,

Our dearest friends they disappear.

When the loud call from God is given,

They sleep in death to wake in heaven.


Sarah Carmichael

wife of Stephen Mills

died June 6, 1843

43 years, 10 mo. and 25 days

Friends nor physicians could not save

My mortal body from the grave

Nor can the grave confine me here

When Christ my Savior, shall appear.


Susan Sheldon Corliss

Wife of Hiram Corliss

May 28, 1794, April 5, 1843


Susan Frances Corliss

Aug. 12, 1839 , Sept. 9, 1840


Elizabeth Sheldon Corliss

July 23, 1819, May 25, 1820


Abram Cornell



Sabrina Tallmadge,

wife of Daniel Cornell

died June 29, 1827

aged 31 years


Mary, wife of Abram Cornell



John Cottrell

died May 19, 1851

aged 59 years, 6 months, 12 days


Nathan Cottrell

died Aug. 8, 1842

aged 87 years, 6 months, 27 days


Perlina Cottrell

died May 30, 1821

aged 25 years, 3 months, 23 days


Eber Crandall

died Feb. 26, 1844,

aged 72 years and 11 months.

He was an honest man and a Christian.


Sarah Ann,

Daughter of Thomas and Wealthy Ann Crandall,

died Feb. 14, 1824,

aged 7 years, 5 months, 12 days.


Sarah, wife of Daniel Crandell

died June 23, 1844, in her 82d year.

Tis religion that can give,

Sweetest pleasures while we live.

Tis religion can supply,

Solid comforts when we die.


Wealthy Ann, wife of Thomas Crandall

died Sept. 16, 1835

aged 43 years, 5 months, 12 days.

I leave the world without a tear

Save for the friends that linger here

To heal their sorrows Lord descend

And in their sadness prove a friend.


Caroline Babcock

wife of Andrew Curry

born 1824 died Mar. 6, 1901

Aged 76 years, 7 mos, 72 days


Walter DeRidder

died Dec. 8th, 1806,

in the 67th year of his age.

Thus shall our smouldering members teach,

What now our senses learn

For dust and ashes loudly preach,

Man's infinite concern.


Henry DeRidder

Born May 21, 1804.

Died Sept. 24, 1844.



Daughter of Abraham and Mary DeRidder,

died April 22, 1840, aged 3 years.

Happy infant, early blest.


Jacob V.S. DeRidder

died July 7, 1845,

aged 47 years, 8 months and 13 days.


Catherine Ann Schemerhorn

wife of Henry Deridder

Born April 14, 1808

Died June 24, 1860


In memory of Caroline,

Daughter of Col. Walter and Alida DeRidder

who died March 24, 1838

aged 15 years and 6 months

O happy dead in Thee that sleep,

While o'er their mouldering dust we weep,

O faithful Saviour who shall come

That dust to ransom from the tomb.


John, son of Jacob V.S. and Anna DeRidder

died April 1, 1848

aged 2 years, 11 months, and 18 days.


The Grave of Anneke,

wife of Walter DeRidder

who died April 24, 1807.

Aged 67 years, 1 month and 21 days.

The limbs now lifeless only crave,

A coffin for their bed

With leave to find a silent grave,

And lodge among the dead.


Infant daughter died July 26, 1832

Infant son died Nov. 16, 1840

Rachael, daughter,

died Jan. 22, 1837, 1 year.


In memory of Col. Walter DeRidder,

who died Aug. 25, 1836,

in the 44th year of his age.

Lord when this mortal frame decays,

And every weakness dies

Complete the wonders of thy grace

And raise me to the skies.


The grave of Gertrude,

Daughter of Gen. Simon and Mariah DeRidder,

who departed this life May 19, 1831,

aged 22 years, 9 months and 12 days.

Why do we mourn departed friends

And weep at death's alarms -


In memory of Simon DeRidder,

who died July 13, 1832

aged 66 years, 6 months and 20 days.

I am the resurrection and the life.

He that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live.

O happy dead in Thee that sleep,

While o'er their mouldering dust we weep,

O faithful Saviour who shall come

That dust to ransom from the tomb.


Alida Vandenburgh

wife of Walter DeRidder

born Feb. 15, 1798

died Feb. 5, 1855

The Lord is the thought of my life

of whom shall I be afraid


In memory of Maria

wife of Simon DeRidder

died Nov. 13, 1842

aged 73 years.

No sickness or sorrow or pain

Shall ever disquiet her now

For death to her spirit was gain

Since Christ was her life when below.

Her soul has now taken its flight

To mansions of glory above

To mingle with angels of light

And dwell in the kingdom of love.


Levi W. Dickinson

died Aug. 15, 1848

in the 26th year of his age.


Sally, wife of Koert Dubois

died Sept. 13, 1830

aged 29 years, 1 mo., and 4 days.


Experience, wife of Koert Dubois

died Nov. 12, 1841

aged 37 years, 6 months, and 5 days.


Joseph Durham

born May 23, 1770

died April 6, 1850


Julia Marie, daughter of Joseph and

Mary Durham

died Oct. 10th, 1807

aged 7 years and 6 months.


Stephen Durham

died Dec. 24, 1842

in his 42nd year.

Jesus said I am the ressurection

and the life,

He that believeth on me though

he were dead yet shall he live.


Mariam, daughter of A. and E. Dwelle

died Jan. 9, 1837

aged 8 months and 2 days


Charles H., son of A. and E. Dwelle

died Aug. 6, 1850, aged 8 years


Joshua Dyer

Died June 12, 1829

aged 42 years, 9 months and 22 days


Phebe Dyer

Died Oct. 3, 1849

aged 57 years, 3 months and 21 days.

We leave thee here till Christ shall come

The sleep of death to break

Then may'st leave the silent tomb

And in His likeness wake.


Rosa Clementine

daughter of G.W. and C.E. Earley

Died March 7, 1849, aged 6 weeks, 4 days


Ada Louise

daughter of G.W. and C.E. Earley

Died Dec. 30, 1850, aged 17 days.

I'll take these little lambs said He

And lay them on my heart.


Thomas M. Eldridge

Died Aug. 10, 1847

Aged 26 years, 8 months and 28 days


Lydia, daughter of

Edward and Elizabeth Ellsworth

Died Aug. 11, 1835, aged 10 months, 28 days.

She's gone but where ah pause and see

Gone to the long eternity

She's gone but where she's gone to rest

To rest upon the Saviour's breast.


In memory of Horatio Emmons Esq.

born at Cornwall, Ct, Sept., 1778

An officer in the war of 1812;

A Justice of the Peace over 30 years to 1862

Died May 30, 1862, aged 85 years, 8 months


Benjamin Evans 1797-1864


Rebecca, his wife, 1805-1850

11 children


Joseph W. Fenton

Died April 11, 1848, aged 63 years


Martha, wife of Joseph W. Fenton

Died Feb. 10, 1848

Aged 62 years and 10 months


Margaret Ann

Daughter of George and Elizabeth Fisher

Died May 27, 1846

Aged 26 years, 9 months, and 10 days.


Abigail Frost

born Dec. 23, 1777

died April 15, 1848


Dwight Henry

son of Sidney and Eliza A. Fuller

died Oct. 15, 1850

Aged 2 years, 3 months and 3 days


John C., son of Sidney and Eliza A. Fuller

died May 7, 1846

Aged 8 years, 3 months and 15 days


Frances L.

daughter of Sidney and Eliza A. Fuller

died Oct. 24, 1850

Aged 8 years, 15 months and 24 days


Emma Louisa

Daughter of Jesse B. and Barbara Fursman

died Jan. 7, 1841

aged 13 months and 7 days


Mary D. Gale

born July 4, 1821

died March 16, 1825


John Gale

born Dec. 7, 1769

died Sept. 29, 1846


Sarah D. Gale

born May 27, 1823

died April 27, 1848


Anna, wife of Asel Gavette

Died April 25, 1843

Aged 36 years, 2 months and 3 days


Joseph H. Gavette

Died June 9, 1848

Aged 37 years, 11 months and 14 days


Mrs. Amy Gernsy

Died Dec. 22, 1851

Aged 85 years 7 months


Jane Gifford

died April 20, 1826

Aged 18 years


Gideon Gifford

died May 20 1819

Aged 44 years


Hannah N.

daughter of F. and M. A. Goodwin

died July 5, 1850, aged 4 years


Mehitable P. Handy

Died May 30, 1808

Aged 5 years, 5 months and 24 days


Eliza A. Handy

Died May 18, 1833

Aged 17 years, 26 days


Jonathan Handy

died Feb. 4, 1842, aged 63 years


Elisha A. Handy

died May 19, 1828

aged 1 year, 1 month, and 11 days


Lydia Handy

died Jan. 15, 1879, aged 87 years

Meet me in Heaven.


Jonathan G.

son of Ira and Mary Hatch

died Aug. 22nd, 1838

aged one year and two days.

It was a sweet little flower

But too tender to stay

In this world's chilling blasts.


Grace Hay

born June 25, 1783

Died Aug. 10, 1808


John Hay

born April 4, 1752.

Died April 26, 1838.


Andrew Hay

born Aug. 1, 1796

Died Dec. 31, 1812.


Margaret, wife of John Hay

Born Nov. 25, 1753,

died Aug. 17, 1832


Sarah Jane,

daughter of D.W. and E.B. Heath

died March 28, 1843 in her 5th year.

The flower so early 'nipt by death

and hid within the tomb,

Transplanted in a happier soil

Eternally shall bloom.


Mariam Loezer

daughter of D.W. and E.B. Heath

died June 26, 1844

in the 2nd year of her age.

Suffer little children to come unto me

and forbid them not, for of such is

the kingdom of heaven. Matt. 19, 14.


Charles H.,

son of William and L.C. Hegeman.

Born Oct. 8, 1850.

Died Nov. 21, 1850


Jacob L. Height

Died Feb. 23, 1849

aged 54 years.


Remains of William Edgar

Only son of William and Caroline Henry

died April 7, 1828,

aged 4 months and 20 days


Died in New York Jan. 11, 1849,

Caroline B. White,

wife of William Henry, aged 60 years.

She sleeps in Jesus.


In memory of Andrew Henry

who departed this life Dec. 8th, 1825,

aged 57 years. For the last 30 years

of his life was a resident of St. Johns,

Lower Canada.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they

shall see God. Matt. 5, 8.


Died at Algonquin, Ill, Jan. 8, 1876,

Capt. William Henry

Aged 84 years.

15th Ill. vol. in the battle of Shiloh,

seige of Corinth, and Matamora.

A Christian Soldier.


William Edgar,

only son of Wm. and C.B. Henry

Died April 7, 1828,

aged 4 months and 20 days.


Agnes, wife of Ira M. Hillman,

died Sept. 29, 1846,

aged 30 years, 1 mo. and 2 days.


In memory of Leroy S.,

son of Joseph and Betsy Hiscock,

who died Feb. 27th, 1823,

aged 1 year, 4 months.


In memory of Betsy Hiscock

wife of Joseph Hiscock and daughter of

Jeremiah and Isabella Newberry,

who died May 18, 1828,

in the 26th year of her age.

This note above the rest shall swell

My Jesus has done all things well.

Those were her last words.


Elizabeth, wife of Israel Holdridge

Died Aug. 2, 1847,

aged 77 years, 2 months and 2 days.


Lucy S., wife of Albert Hollis

died July 3, 1848,

in the 20th year of her age.

Erected by her father, W. Waters.

Dearest daughter thou has left us

Here thy loss we deeply feel,

But tis God that hath bereft us,

He can all our sorrows heal.


George, son of G.F. and S. Hollister

Died Oct. 7, 1847,

aged eight years and 26 days.


Howell S. Holmes

died Nov. 11, 1844

aged 37 years and 4 months.


Leroy Holmes

Born May 8, 1817.

Died in East California, Dec. 16, 1850


Eliza B. Horton

Daughter of Jonathan K. and Elizabeth Horton;

died June 28, 1844,

aged 35 years, 7 mos., and 21 days.


Elizabeth Tice Horton

Wife of J.K. Horton

Died Aug. 22, 1858, aged 77 years

Thou art my hope, O Lord God;

Thou are my trust from youth. Prov. LXXI


John H., son of J. and E. Horton.

Died Jan. 26, 1842,

aged 19 months and 12 days.


The resting place of Jonathan K. Horton

Deceased Feb. 1848, aged 70 years

In life an honest man

In death a Christian


Sarah, wife of Lewis J. Howe

died April 30, 1848,

aged 34 years and 11 months.


Charles Ingalls

Counselor at Law.

Born Oct. 12, 1763.

Died Sept. 2, 1812.


Mary E. Mosher

Wife of Charles R. Ingalls

Born March 7, 1823

Died Feb. 23, 1848


Cynthia Russell

Wife of Charles Ingalls

Born March 14, 1769

Died March 17, 1801

Burials at Salem, NY


Cynthia, wife of Ezekiel Inman,

Died Nov. 8, 1849,

Aged 65 years, 6 mos., and 15 days.

Rev. 14: 12-13.


Joseph James

Died June 12, 1846,

Aged 73 years, 3 months, and 7 days


Judith, wife of Joseph James

Died Nov. 13, 1857,

Aged 80 years, 10 mos., and 18 days.


Bathsheba Johnson

Died May 19, 1843, aged 63 years.


Wm. Sampson Johnson

Died July 7, 1813, aged 30 years.


Anne, wife of Lewis Johnston, Jr.

And daughter of Seneca and Joanna Dennis

Died Dec. 19, 1850

Aged 28 years, 5 months, and 17 days.

Cease dear friends for me to mourn

Though in my youth I'm from you torn

But trust in God He'll you sustain

Till we shall meet in peace again.


Isabel, daughter of A. and A. Kenyon

Died June 16, 1850

Aged 7 years, 2 mos., and 14 days.


Elizabeth, daughter of Card Kenyon

Died March 8, 1840, in her 25th year.

Disconsolate tenant of clay

In solemn assurance arise

Thy treasures of sorrow survey

And look through it all to the skies.

That heavenly house is prepared

For all, who, though sufferers here

Do wait the return of their Lord

And long for His day to appear.


In memory of Maria

Daughter of Clark Kenyon, Jr.,

Who died April 12, 1834

Aged 3 years.


John Henry, son of J.C. and C.A. Kenyon

Died March 18, 1850

Aged 1 year, 1 mo., and 26 days.


In memory of Amarilla

Wife of Sands M. Kenyon and

Daughter of Allen and Jemina Foster

Who died at Troy Aug. 24, 1829,

Aged 23 years, 10 months and 24 days.


Charlotte Ann, wife of John C. Kinyon

And daughter of

Henry and Charlotte Safford

Died Aug. 17, 1850

Aged 19 years, 10 mos., and 21 days.


Sarah Yates

Wife of Simon Kittle

Died Nov. 23, 1850, aged 71 years.


Simon Kittle

Died January 9, 1846, aged 72 years.


Herbert K.

Died Aug. 23, 1851, aged 2 months.

Philomela C.

Died Sept. 27, 1848, aged 9 months.

Eva M.

Died Feb. 17, 1853, aged 6 months.

Children of Rufus and Susan R. Lamb


In memory of Phebe, wife of

Phineas Langworthy, who departed

This life 19th of April, 1808.

In the 36th year of her age.


Frances, daughter of J. and S. D. Langworthy,

died April 27, 1845

Aged 1 year 7 months and 5 days.


In memory of Phineas Langworthy

Who departed this life Feb. 18, 1820,

In the 55th year of his age.


Jason Langworthy

Died May 28, 1848, aged 55 years.


Margaret Langworthy

Died Dec. 25, 1838 in her 34th year.

We see the generous friend sincere

Her voice still vibrates on our ear

The voice of truth and love.

It calls us to put off our clay

And bids us soar with her away

To fairer worlds above.


Maria D., born Jan. 4, 1836.

Died March 22, 1837.

Infant daughter of R. and H. Langworthy,

Died Nov. 6, 1830


Dr. James W. Langworthy

born Jan. 9, 1791

died April 16, 1876

Langworthy Dr. Albert Langworthy

April 14, 1828 - Jan. 7, 1893

his wife

Caroline E. Linnell

Jan. 31, 1834 - July 12, 1912


Susan Lansing,

Daughter of Gen. Simon and Maria DeRidder,

died May 9, 1805,

aged 3 years.


Elisha Lee 1852 - 1911

Harriet A. Babcock His wife

1852 - 1925

Burton B. 1873 - 1901

Lottie M. age 5 yrs

Porter age 1 yr


Edna, daughter of O.V. and S.A. Lewis

Sept. 1, 1850, 1 month.


Sarah Lewis, wife of Otto V. Lewis

Died Aug. 16, 1850, aged 32 years,

9 months and 10 days.


Infant daughter of Aaron and Polly Lilly

Died July 12, 1830, aged 2 days.


Alida M. Lilly, died May 21, 1847,

Aged 31 years, 4 months and 27 days.


In memory of Hiram, son of Aaron and Polly Lilly,

who died Oct. 7th, 1822,

Aged 1 year, 7 months and 6 days.


Senica Lilly, died Sept. 16, 1847;

Aged 21 years, 2 months, and 20 days.


Content E., wife of A.I. Loomis

Died Feb. 2, 1846

Aged 28 years, 6 months and 27 days.

My flesh shall rest in hope.


Harriet, daughter of Charles and Sarah Lusty,

died Sept 6, 1837,

Aged 17 years, 9 months and 1 day.


John Martin

Died July 13, 1850,

Age 83 years 10 mo. And 27 days.

Thou art gone to the grave with a moments reflection,

but Jesus a moment can hear,

Thou hast left me to mourn with sincere affection,

to wander alone till Christ shall appear.


Abner Mead, Died Jan. 6, 1853

Aged 65 years 9 mos. 18 days


Anna, wife of Abner Mead

Died April 30, 1848,

Aged 62 years, 2 mos., 21 days


Eliakim Merchant

Died Aug. 13, 1851, aged 80 years

An honest man, the noblest work of God


Charity, wife of Eliakim Merchant

Born March 6, 1780,

Died May 30, 1850

Yet again we hope to meet thee

When the day of life is fled

Then in heaven with joy to greet thee

Where no farewell tear is shed


In memory of Prudence

wife of John Merchant

who died March 5, 1829

in the 89th year of her age

There is rest beneath the quiet sod

Life and all its trials cease


Eugene D.

son of David and Fanny N. Miller

died Nov. 7, 1842



wife of Robert Montgomery

died Jan. 31, 1844

in the 45 year of her age


James Moor

born March 29, 1792

died Shefford Q. D., July 18, 1831


George N., son of James and Silvia Moor

died Jan. 3, 1835

aged 6 years, 5 months and 12 days


Silvia, wife of James Moor

died October 10, 1837

aged 42 years


Joel Morris

died Nov. 15, 1846

aged 22 years, 5 months and 13 days


Mary Lucy

daughter of Rev. H. and C.A. Morris

died Sept. 12, 1846

aged 2 years and 4 months


Amy, wife of Jonathan Mosher

died Jan. 5, 1841

in the 66th year of her age


Charles R.,

son of Eugene and Hannah L. Mosher,

born Sept. 25, 1847,

died Dec. 25, 1850


Sacred to the memory of

Dr. Jonathan Mosher

who died Feb. 24th, 1831

in the 66th year of his age


Phillip Smith Mosher

died Sept. 5, 1849

aged 12 years, 1 month, 17 days

son of Dr. Jonathan and Amy Mosher


William Mowry 1779-1870


Wm. H. Mowry

died Oct. 22, 1850

aged 39 years


His wife, Lydia Whipple, 1784-1870


Angelina Gifford, wife of Wm. H. Mowry

died May 19, 1856, aged 39 years


James P., son of Jerome and Rachel Naylor

died Dec. 28, 1848,

aged 11 months and 2 days


In memory of Sally Newberry

Daughter of Jeremiah and Isabel Newberry

who died Aug. 2, 1822

in the 23rd year of her age.

Her mind was tranquil and serene

No terror in her looks was seen

Her Saviors smiles dispel'd the gloom

And soothed the passage to the tomb


Jeremiah Newberry

a soldier of the revolution

died Sept. 2, 1825

in the 85th year of his age


Sarah M.,

Daughter of Stephen and Caroline Newberry

died Jan. 20, 1845

aged 8 months and 8 days


Amy, wife of James R. Newberry

died June 3, 1846

in the 41st year of her age.

Thou hast gone to the grave

but we will not deplore thee,

Since God was thy ransome,

thy guardian and guide.

He gave thee, He took thee,

and He will restore thee

And death hath no sting

since the Savior has died.


In memory of Isabella

Daughter of Jeremiah and Isabella Newberry

who died Feb. 20, 1827

in the 32nd year of her age.

Remember friends as you pass by,

As you are now, so once was I;

But the Lord has thought it just

To call and lay me in the dust.


Isabella, wife of Jeremiah Newberry

died May 10, 1844

in the 73rd year of her age.

Long with disease oprest,

She left the world in hope of rest.


Herbert L.,

son of Wm. H. and C.M. Norton

died Feb. 22, 1847

aged 2 years, 2 months and 24 days


In memory of Rebecca

wife of Elijah Norton

who died Sept. 16, 1849

in the 84th year of her age.

For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.


Mabel, wife of Alex Norton

died Nov. 7, 1846

in the 49th year of her age


Warren, son of Wm. H. and C.M. Norton

died Sept. 9, 1843, aged 17 days


In memory of Elijah Norton

who died Dec. 10, 1841

in the 83rd year of his age.

We rest a season here, but not forever.


Alexander Norton

died Nov. 22, 1862

in the 64th year of his age


Mary Osburn

died June 25, 1849

in the 26th year of her age.

Hope looks beyond the bounds of time,

When wat we now deplore,

Shall rise in full immortal prime

And bloom to fade no more.


Samuel Page

died April 8, 1825

aged 44 years


Ruth H. Page

died in the year 1811


Miriam H. Page

died Oct. 18, 1815

aged 34 years


Thomas H. Page

died in the year 1810

aged 3 years


Richard L. Parker

died Aug. 12, 1844

aged 78 years


Isaac C. Parker

died March 30, 1814

aged 23 years


Lydia Parker

died Feb. 25, 1841

aged 74 years

She loved the Bible



wife of Edward B. Patter

died July 12, 1844 in her 28th yr.

Blessed are the dead who die in the

Lord from henceforth, yea, saith the

Spirit, that they may rest from their

labors, and their works do follow them.


John Patterson

born Feb. 22, 1792

died Jan. 21, 1846


Ephraim Pattys

died April 28, 1864

in the 76th year of her age


Cathaline Pease

died Oct. 24, 1849

aged 69 years


Francis R. Pettys

died Jan. 3, 1848

aged 58 years, 1 month and 8 days


Deborah, wife of Ephraim Pettys

died Feb. 18, 1845

in the 55th year of her age


Helen Phillips

drowned , May 15, 1829

aged 2 years, 2 months and 2 days


Hiram Place

died Jan. 23, 1811,

aged 1 month and 10 days,

son of Capt. Solomon Place


In memory of Martha,

wife of Gen. Solomon Place

who died Sept. 5, 1825

in the 54th year of her age.

Hear what the voice of heaven proclaims,

For all the pious dead,

Sweet is the savour of their names---


Stephen Place

died Dec. 29, 1849,

aged 22 years and 4 months


Angelina, daughter of Godfrey and

Susanna Place

died Aug. 1, 1835,

aged 21 years, 20 months, 15 days


In memory of Gen. Solomon Place

who died Dec. 22, 1834 in the 66th.

Let worms devour my wasting flesh

And crumble all my bones to dust

My god shall raise my frame anew

At the revival of the just.


Sarah Ann,

daughter of Stephen and Sarah Potter

died Nov. 1, 1847

aged 15 years, 5 months, 5 days

Then weep not though thus she hath fled

In the blossom of beauty and prime

The flower is transplanted not dead,

The Sunshine of Heaven is her Climer

"Twere cruel to pray for her back

Since her glorified soul is at rest

Then weep not but follow her track

She has gone to the land of the blest.


W.H. Potter

Died Dec. 7, 1836

aged 46 years.


Hiram, son of Thomas and Almira Potter

died april 15, 1847

aged 21 years, 4 mo.

Brother thou art gone to rest

Thine is an early tomb

But Jesus summoned thee away

Thy Savior called thee home.


Edward B. Potter

died June 14, 1846

aged 28 years, 1 month, and 25 days


Susanna Prentiss

born Nov. 17, 1779

died July 10, 1846


Harriet E. Prentiss

born Feb. 9, 1803,

died Feb.7, 1848


Edwin, son of John and Anna Prentiss,

died April 8, 1849,

aged 10 months


Eli, son of L. G. and E. Prindle

died Aug. 9, 1839,

in the 15th year of his age


Olive Prine

Died March 21, 1841, aged 39 years


Lansing N. son of F. and S.E. Prouty

died Aug. 26, 1848

aged 4 years ,4 months, 10 days


In memory of Horace Pullman

died Sept. 11, 1830

aged 7 month, 7 days


Silvia, wife of William Read

died April 7, 1842

aged 40 years, 20 days.


David Remington

died Oct. 24, 1834

aged 87 years, 4 months and 24 days.


Huldah, wife of David Remington

died Aug. 20, 1836

aged 94 years.

A sweet remembrance of the just,

Shall flourish when they sleep in dust.


Lucy, wife of John Remington

Died March 6, 1836

in the 33rd year of her age.

My flesh shall slumber in the ground

Till the last trumpets joyful sound.

Then burst the chain with sweet surprise

in my Saviour's image rise.



Hannah, wife of David Remington, Jr.

And daughter of James and Amy Rogers

died Sept, 18, 1848

aged 67 years.


John Remington

died May 1, 1863

aged 69 years, 4 months and 25 days.


Benjamin Remmington

died Dec. 15, 1846

aged 78 years and 8 months.

How sweet is sleep where all is peace,

Where sorrow cannot reach the breast,

Where all life's idle tro'blings cease

And pain is lulled to rest.


Eliza Remmington

died Sept. 19, 1849

aged 19 years, 2 months and 6 days


Mrs. Mary Remmington

died Sept. 2, 1807

in the 64th, year of her age

consort of Mr. David Remmington.

Parent of goodness and unblemished life.

Here lies the tenderest mother,

fondest wife, whose easy manners,

free from pride of art with

Sweet simplicity engaged the heart,

Whose lovely person and whose lively mind.

Each female grace with

every virtue joined.


Phebe, wife of Benjamin Remmington

died Sept. 17, 1843

in the 65th year of her age.

To Jesus Christ I sought for rest,

He bade me cease to rove

And fly for refuge to His breast

And He'll conduct me home.



wife of Gardner Remmington

died Nov. 14, 1812

aged 38 years.


Philip E.

son of Hart and Jane Reynolds

died Sept. 15, 1836

aged 10 months and 23 days


George W.

Son of Hart and Jame Reynolds

died Dec. 11, 1847

aged 10 years, 6 months and 2 days



Son of Thomas and Experience Richards

died Nov. 16, 1844

aged 16years, 9 months and 3 days


Erastus Richards

died Feb. 14, 1848

aged 84 years, 7 months and 28 days


Electa W. Stead

wife of Edward Dennis.

Died Jan. 30, 1848, aged 19 years.

In life pleasant, In death lamented.


Rachel Wing,

wife of Jerome Naylor

died May 11, 1849, aged 24 years


Saloma, wife of Edward Worth

Died March 22, 1831

Aged 24 years, 26 days