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Tombstone Inscriptions in Greenwich, NY Cemetery



Isabel, daughter of A. and A. Kenyon

Died June 16, 1850

Aged 7 years, 2 mos., and 14 days.


Elizabeth, daughter of Card Kenyon

Died March 8, 1840, in her 25th year.

Disconsolate tenant of clay

In solemn assurance arise

Thy treasures of sorrow survey

And look through it all to the skies.

That heavenly house is prepared

For all, who, though sufferers here

Do wait the return of their Lord

And long for His day to appear.


In memory of Maria

Daughter of Clark Kenyon, Jr.,

Who died April 12, 1834

Aged 3 years.


John Henry, son of J.C. and C.A. Kenyon

Died March 18, 1850

Aged 1 year, 1 mo., and 26 days.


In memory of Amarilla

Wife of Sands M. Kenyon and

Daughter of Allen and Jemina Foster

Who died at Troy Aug. 24, 1829,

Aged 23 years, 10 months and 24 days.


Charlotte Ann, wife of John C. Kinyon

And daughter of

Henry and Charlotte Safford

Died Aug. 17, 1850

Aged 19 years, 10 mos., and 21 days.


Sarah Yates

Wife of Simon Kittle

Died Nov. 23, 1850, aged 71 years.


Simon Kittle

Died January 9, 1846, aged 72 years.