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Tombstone Inscriptions in Greenwich, NY Cemetery



Rosa Clementine

daughter of G.W. and C.E. Earley

Died March 7, 1849, aged 6 weeks, 4 days



Ada Louise

daughter of G.W. and C.E. Earley

Died Dec. 30, 1850, aged 17 days.

I'll take these little lambs said He

And lay them on my heart.



Thomas M. Eldridge

Died Aug. 10, 1847

Aged 26 years, 8 months and 28 days



Lydia, daughter of

Edward and Elizabeth Ellsworth

Died Aug. 11, 1835, aged 10 months, 28 days.

She's gone but where ah pause and see

Gone to the long eternity

She's gone but where she's gone to rest

To rest upon the Saviour's breast.



In memory of Horatio Emmons Esq.

born at Cornwall, Ct, Sept., 1778

An officer in the war of 1812;

A Justice of the Peace over 30 years to 1862

Died May 30, 1862, aged 85 years, 8 months



Benjamin Evans 1797-1864



Rebecca, his wife, 1805-1850

11 children