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1997 Activities

Joel continues to attend Eastern College, St. Davids, PA, where he is majoring in youth ministry. He made dean's list in the fall semester with a 3.7! He is lonely and overworked, so if you want to cheer him up please email him at
Jeff has completed his studies at Hudson Valley Comm. College. He is considering attending Nyack College next fall. Meanwhile, he continues to perfect his music skills in our basement.
Jill has had a rough winter. She was sick with a virus for 6 weeks and missed a lot of school. Then, she had arthroscopic knee surgery on Feb. 13 to correct a chronic problem. The doctor removed plica, which is extraneous tissue on the inner side of the knee. They gave us a great video of the procedure. It has healed nicely, and she is now ready to play soccer again. She scored 4 goals prior to her surgery, and wants to catch up to her sisters.
Judy is playing on the U-12B travel team as goal keeper and forward, and has scored 9.5 goals so far. All the girls get one dollar per goal for summer camp spending money.
Janis plays forward on the U-10A team. She also enjoys goalkeeping. She has scored 6 goals.
Dad is finally back on the roads running again after a 6 month break due to injury. There is still some discomfort in the gluteous maximus and ileotibial band, but it's great to be feeling those endorphins again.

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