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1997 Summer Activities

Our family is suffering from soccer insanity this spring, with games and practices almost every day. Consequently, everthing else is not getting done. I just planted tomatoes on 6/12. Even if I had time, I could not mow the lawn, because Joel broke the lawn mower.
Joel will be a Senior next fall at Eastern College, St. Davids, PA, where he is majoring in youth ministry. He made dean's list again in the spring semester! Once again he will spend his summer as a camp counselor at Delta Lake Bible Conference Center.
Jeff has graduated from Hudson Valley Comm. College. He is working parttime at Price Chopper, and cleans offices on weekends. He and his friends Eric and Chris have finally started playing music publicly. They performed twice at the Mother Earth Cafe this spring.
Jill's knee is doing well and does not seem to bother her when she is playing soccer on the Under-16 Guilderland travel team. Her goal tally was 9. She will also be spending her summer at Delta, working in the kitchen (some kids will do anything to get away from home). Jill is struggling to pass several courses as she has an aversion to homework. She will enter the "Focus" program in the fall, to assist her in getting back on track.
Judy played on the U-12B travel team as goal keeper and forward, and scored 15.5 goals. All the girls get one dollar per goal for summer camp spending money. Her team is undefeated, 10-0-2, and won their division! SHe also performs in the Forever Joyful singers, and the school operetta.
Janis plays every position on the U-10A team. She scored 6 goals. She also sings and dances in the Forever Joyful singers.
Joanna graduated from nursery school and will enter Kindergarten at Our Saviors Lutheran School in the fall. She has joined her sisters in the singing group, and is looking forward to beginning soccer this fall in the rec. league.
The whole family is looking forward to summer vacations and a short break from soccer. Dad and Mom have no life of their own for obvious reasons. They did go out to dinner for their 26th wedding anniversary. Dad has no time to enter races, although he is dying to. Mom would like a day to go shopping all day with no responsibilities. Ha!

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