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Capital Region Christian High School

Preliminary Interest Survey

Please take a moment to complete the following survey.
Name and address are optional.


E-Mail Address:

Mailing Address:

1. Did you know the Lord when you were a young person?
Yes No

2. Do you think the opportunity to attend a Christian high school
could have brought/did bring you closer to the Lord?
Yes No

3. Do you think that Christian education is important for young people?
Yes No

4. Would you consider a Christian high school for your child?
Yes No

5. If "Yes," which factors are important?
Discipleship opportunities
Fellowship with other Christians
Part of "training in the way they should go"
Taught a Christian worldview
Shelter from the world
Educational excellence

6. If "No," which factors are important?
Travel distance
Want them to be salt and light
Like public schools
Home schooling

7. Name of current school district:

8. Ages of your children/grandchildren:

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